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Grab a partner and start stomping in the Del Rio Vineyards Grape Stomp Championship

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You'll never have as much fun with your bare feet as you will at the Del Rio Vineyards Grape Stomp Championship. Take your boots off, roll up your jeans, and get ready to crush the juice out of 30 lbs of grapes. You’ve got to be stronger, smarter, and quicker than the competition if you want to produce a gallon of juice before someone else beats you to the punch.
Truly a barrel of laughs (filled with grapes), the Annual Championship Grape Stomp brings out everyone’s competitive side as teams return year after year to see who takes home the coveted title. Preliminary heats take place throughout the day. The winners of each heat advance to the finals where they’ll stomp 60 lbs of grapes as they try to squeeze out two gallons of juice in less than five minutes before anyone else lifts their jugs in victory.
Be warned – this competition is not for wimps. It’s down and dirty all the way to the finish line. Teams must include a stomper and a helper. The stomper has the obvious aerobic job. The helper keeps the juice flowing into the jug and shouts encouragement to the stomper.
A word of advice to newcomers – team names and t-shirts are a tradition at this wildly competitive event. So get creative. Find a friend and sign up today. Entries will close when the heats are full.

Champions will receive Harvest Festival Medals and two (2) Fair Admission tickets to next year's Jackson County Fair.  

Come Watch

Bring the whole family over to the Harvest Fair’s Grape Stomp Championship and have a blast cheering on the competitors in this highly aerobic and hilarious event. A Harvest Fair tradition, teams of two pair up and try to out-stomp each other with a barrel of grapes and a jug that needs filled with juice.
The whole audience gets involved as they cheer on the teams by name. Stomping grapes isn’t as easy as it might sound and the more you cheer, the faster they can crush those grapes. Watch the heats throughout the day, and then come back for the finals to cheer your team on. And don’t worry – nobody has to drink the end result of the grape stomp. There are plenty of other beverages at the Harvest Festival.


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