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Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be accepting any new vendors for the 2020 Holiday Market.
Any applications received will be added to the waitlist for the 2021 Holiday Market…

Before applying, please consider: 

Vendor Types Accepted:

  • Artisan/Craft Vendors: All products MUST be handcrafted by the Artist/Representative AND the Artist/Representative MUST be present for the Event. All “Handcrafted Items” are strictly juried by Event Management. Commercially produced “copies” of handcrafted originals are not accepted. *Please Note: Very limited booth space comes available for the Artisan building of this event due to a 90% vendor return rate. As a result, placement requests for Artisan booths are not accepted.
  • Commercial Vendors: Products are purchased and then resold. All products will be new and commercially produced.  
  • Confection Vendors: Products are produced in a certified kitchen in accordance with all current health and food safety regulations. Confection products are packaged for both immediate and non-immediate consumption - i.e. roasted nuts caramel corn-etc.
  • Direct Sales Vendors: Brands such as Lu La Roe - Paparazzi - Scentsy - All products will be new and commercially produced. *Direct Sales Vendors will be limited to one (1) Representative per brand.

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