Carnival Rides

The Fair has more rides than ever including:

Grand Prix Roller Coaster, Nitro, Giant Gondola Ferris Wheel, Wind Glider, Scooters (Bumper Cars), Sizzler, Yo Yo, Galaxy, Hurricane, Dizzy Dragon, Baja Buggies, Squadron Planes, Jalopy Junction, Raiders


Hold on tight before the ride starts spinning you totally out of control. Height Requirement: 48" minimum.

Mardi Gras
Navigate the maze in the New Orleans style fun house. Great fun for kids of all ages.

Super Jet Coaster
Kids love to ride this space aged roller coaster as it blasts off through the station dipping and diving through space.

Drop Tower
The Drop Tower takes you up and drops you while leaving your stomach in the air. Height Requirement: 42" minimum.

Ring of Fire
Take a daring ride inside the flames of the ring of fire. Height Requirement: 48" minimum, NO SINGLE RIDERS.

Ride the Zipper up and over the top as it spins you totally out of control. Height Requirement: 48" minimum, NO SINGLE RIDERS.

The Sizzler
The Sizzler is a hot ride new to the fair this year.

The Spider
Up and down and round and round on the Spider.

The Rockstar
Be a Rockstar and get ready for a thrill.

Bumper Cars
A classic ride that never gets old.

Get ready to take to the skies on the Hurricane.

Wacky Worm Coaster
Take a wacky ride on the worm roller coaster. Height Requirement: 36" w/adult, 42" alone.

Yo Yo
Take to the air on the exhilarating YoYo.

Jalopy Junction
Come on Kids Jump on these clunkers and take a ride.

Giant Slide
Climb up lots of stairs, and then slide down over the humps. WEE!

Samba Balloons
Have you ever wanted to fly in a hot air balloon? Get in the basket and away you go! Height Requirement: 36" minimum.

Climb on board and be part of team. Great kids ride.

Dragon Wagon
Ride the Dragon around. Sit by the head, the tail or the middle. Height Requirement: 36" adult 42" alone not over 60".

Dizzy Dragon
Hop on the Dizzy Dragon and be ready for a wobbly, giddy ride

Up and own and round and round on this great classic ride

Jump Bikes
The little ones get a taste of riding a big bike

Galaxy 3000
The Galaxy 3000 uses centrifugal force to float the passengers off the floor, giving them the feeling of weightlessness.


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