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Even more amazing events with admission every day!

  • Carnival & Games

    More rides than ever before! A full array of family fun, including gentle kiddie rides, tried and true family favorites and over-the-top twisters for older, more adventurous thrill seekers. Enjoy the midway with fun and exciting games for all ages and skill levels, ranging from Water Races to Balloon Dart, Basketball, and more.

  • FREE - Music Festival

    More than 30 acts performing on the Center Stage daily. From southern rock, blues, and jazz, to country. Come relax and take in the music from these talented artists.

  • Mechanical Bull

    See how long you can stay on! The Mechanical Bull is great for all ages, can be controlled for slow movement for smaller kids, and can also buck and spin very fast for teens to adults. Come take a ride!

  • Water Bubbles

    Large inflatable water walking balls. Walk, run, roll, flip and even spin on top of the water in a pool from inside your water bubble without getting wet!

  • FREE - Att/Direct TV re-Charging Station

    Stop by the booth to re-charge your phone on one of the “charging bars” and relaxx for a few and re-charge yourself.


The Fair Marketplace, located inside the Seven Feathers Event Center, is hosting a variety of fun activities!

  • Marketplace

    Local vendors have everything from sunglasses and handbags to homemade fudge, at the Exchange deck.

  • FREE - Toddler Zone Presented by Bi-Mart

    Hang out in the shade and watch your toddlers have fun!

  • Lego Competition

    See what amazing, intricate models they build! Wednesday through Saturday 6 pm – 8 pm. Saturday is Exhibition Night.

  • Butterfly Adventure

    Butterfly Adventures is a walk-thru butterfly exhibit that provides guests the truly unique opportunity to feed and interact with live free flying butterflies. Butterfly Adventures has created a family friendly “hands on” exhibit that promotes environmental education and entertains the public in a new and fun way.

  • All Alaskan Pig Racing brought to you by Wolf Performance 

    Faster than a chicken…chubbier than a goat…round…cute…and built for speed…here come the pigs! Enjoy this exciting and educational show that includes audience participation, pig trivia, pig cheerleaders, speedway flags, and fun prizes for winning cheerleaders!

  • Pedal Pullers brought to you by Wolf Performance 

    Climb On, Sit Down, Grab Hold, and Blast Down the Track! Pedal Pullers action is the best kind – the kids get to be the stars of the show. Custom-built pedal tractors, real weight-pull sleds, kids having REAL FUN!

  • Brads World Reptiles Presented by  Columbia Distributing

    Unique and mysterious, reptiles, amphibians, and other exotic animals raise both hairs and curiosities. It is through this interest that we create exhibits and programs that offer an unusual and memorable educational experience by making it a fun, entertaining, and interactive adventure.

  • The Piano Juggler Show 

    Piano Juggler Dan Menendez’s performance is an unforgettable technical and musical feat. Catch the world’s only Bounce Piano and Cello player as he pogos about the stage, juggling balls and violins all while playing classical music.

  • Annie the Clown


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