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Welcome to The Expo Media Center

Welcome to The Expo Media Center where you’ll find everything you need to advertise and promote your event @ The Expo:

Talking About ‘The Expo’

Any mention of the facility in news, advertising or other media should refer to the venue as “The Expo” (i.e. Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show at The Expo will be held… or Oregon Quarter Horse Summer Classic at The Expo). 

Media Contact 

Please direct all media inquires to the Expo Manager 541.774.8270

Using The Expo Logo

The following logos are available for use when promoting events at The Expo and our associated venues. Please download and review our Logo Usage Guidelines for a quick overview of when, where and how to use the logos. You’ll also find an easy guide for determining which version of the logo (EPS, PDF, PNG) is the best file format for web, print, or other types of media.

The Expo Guidelines

Expo Logo

BrewFest Logo
BrewFest Logo
The Fair
The Fair Guidelines

Jackson County Fair Logo

Holiday Market Logo
Holiday Market Logo 

Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo Guidelines

Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo Logo
Sponsor Booklet
Sponsor Book


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