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Expo Events:

Jackson County Fair: July 10th – 14th, 2019 

  • Indoor Space Rates: In-line 10' x 10'..............$450.00             Corner 10' x 10'...........$500.00

  • Outdoor Space Rates: In-line 10' x 10'..........$500.00             Corner 10' x 10'...........$550.00

Southern Oregon Brew Fest w/ Battle of the Bones: September 13th, 14th & 15th, 2019        

  • Space Rates: In-line 10' x 10'...........................$125.00                 Corner 10' x 10'............$150.00

Holiday Market: November 8th, 9th & 10th, 2019 

  • Space Rates: In-line 10' x 10'...........................$150.00                 Corner 10' x 10'...........$175.00

PLACEMENT: A Map will be sent with your Use Agreement. You will use the map to indicate your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices for placement and return it with your Use Agreement. No booth spaces will be officially assigned until your signed Use Agreement and full payment have been received.
ACCEPTANCE: Please allow 10 business days for your application to be processed. Complete applications are screened and Vendors are issued a Use Agreement based on several factors: 1. How the items fit in with the overall theme of the event. 2. The cohesiveness and consistency of the products. 3. The product quality, innovation and uniqueness. 4. How items are represented in your photos/website. 5. Our need to diversify the products available at the Event.
PROVIDE PHOTOS: We are unable to process your application without at least 3 current photos. A minimum of 3 photographs of your booth and products, showing set up and product display as well as service windows and doors, is required. Once approved these photos may also be used on social media for promotion leading up to and/or during the event. *If you are unable to upload photos below, please send them in a separate email to LeffleAM@jacksoncounty.org with your business and/or last name.
(allowed file types: .doc, docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .wpd)

(allowed file types: .doc, docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .wpd)

(allowed file types: .doc, docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .wpd)

ELECTRICAL SERVICE: Each booth space will be provided with reasonable power, up to 5 Amps, included with rental rate. Outlets are limited and the Expo may not be able to provide more than 5 amps. Any special power needs will be paid in advance at electrician’s rates (such as for 3 phase). Any additional usage over 5 Amps will be charged [110V $25 p/day AND 220V $35 p/day].
CAMPING: FOR CAMPING INFO PLEASE CALL JACKSON COUNTY PARKS RESERVATION & INFO DESK @ 541.774.8183 **No tent camping is allowed on the fairgrounds**
WI-FI: The Expo does have free Wi-Fi. However, service is not guaranteed. Please do not rely on the Expo’s free Wi-Fi for your payment option.
PARKING: All Vendors will be issued a parking pass for a designated area. This pass will also allow the vendor limited access to load-in and load-out locations.
INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: Every Vendor is required, at their sole cost and expense, to procure and maintain in full force through the term of their Use Agreement (including setup and teardown), comprehensive general liability insurance with coverage limits of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence; $2,000,000 aggregate for damage or injury to the Property, buildings or grounds of JCEP, with each policy naming the Fair Board, Jackson County and its elected officials, officers, employees, agents and volunteers as additional insureds. The Vendors name on such policies must be the same as on the Vendors Use Agreement.The policies must obligate the issuing insurance company to provide at least 30 days prior written notice to the Fair Board before cancellation or change in coverage. Evidence of coverage and additional insured endorsement(s) must be sent to JCEP at least 14 days prior to the Vendors use of the assigned booth space.Failure to meet any of these insurance mandates shall constitute a material breach of the Use Agreement by the Vendor and the Fair Board may, at its discretion, terminate the Use Agreement. This is an important safeguard for yourself and your company while exhibiting at a public show.
(allowed file types: .doc, docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .wpd)


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