Open Class Creative Arts

Open Class Creative Arts Competitions

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Landscaping, floral design, specimen blooms, container gardening and plants.

A display of photographs in black-and-white and color, and a display of electronic art.

Arts, Home & Hobby
A display of needlework, crafts, sewing, textiles, and decorating.

Baking & Canning
A display of home-made specialty baked items, preserves and more.

Gems, Minerals & Jewelry
A display of fine gems, minerals and fossils and finely crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

4-H & FFA Animals
A county fair without animals wouldn't be the same. You can see beef cattle, swine, market goats, dairy goats and turkeys on display and compete in competitive classes and of course, the ever-popular Junior Livestock Auction.

Junior Livestock Auction
Livestock will be auctioned at the Junior Livestock Auction on July 20 and July 23, giving valley residents a chance to put local, sustainably-raised meat on the table, and support the ongoing efforts of these programs to provide valley youth with invaluable life skills. Each animal auctioned off represents a year of hard work, dedication and daily commitment by 4-H and/or FFA youth.

4-H & FFA Swine & Poultry Junior Livestock Auction Wed, 7/20 - 7pm
4-H & FFA Beef & Goat Junior Livestock Auction Sat, 7/23 - 7:30pm


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