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Even more amazing events with admission every day!

  • Carnival & Games

    More rides than ever before! A full array of family fun, including gentle kiddie rides, tried and true family favorites and over-the-top twisters for older, more adventurous thrill seekers. Enjoy the midway with fun and exciting games for all ages and skill levels, ranging from Water Races to Balloon Dart, Basketball, and more.

  • FREE - Hart Keene, Magician and Mentalist

    Hart Keene has been presenting his unique style of interactive magic and mentalism all over the nation for over 10 years. Featured on America’s Got Talent, Hart combines expert sleight-of-hand, sophisticated psychological illusions, and comedy to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • FREE - Music Festival

    More than 30 acts performing on the Center Stage daily. From southern rock, blues, and jazz, to country. Come relax and take in the music from these talented artists.

  • FREE - Walk on the Wildside Exotic Animals

    Featuring some of the world's most unique and mysterious exotic animals, including Mahlia the Tiger Cub, bobcat, serval, Canada lynx, and a baby wallaby. An unforgettable experience that is both educational and entertaining!

  • Mechanical Bull

    See how long you can stay on! The Mechanical Bull is great for all ages, can be controlled for slow movement for smaller kids, and can also buck and spin very fast for teens to adults. Come take a ride!

  • Water Bubbles

    Large inflatable water walking balls. Walk, run, roll, flip and even spin on top of the water in a pool from inside your water bubble without getting wet!

  • FREE - The Pirate’s Parrot Show

    A fun, educational, and interactive experience for all ages and cultures. This informative show comes complete with a large variety of parrots from around the world, “real” pirates, an authentic Pirate Ship display, and delightful parrot speech and free flight performances.

  • FREE - Petting Zoo

    Come visit and pet some of the friendly, fun, fuzzy animals who are here to see you!

  • FREE - US Cellular Booth

    Stop by the “Event Trailer” to charge your phone on one of the “charging bars” and visit with your friends in one of the comfortable lounge areas. This cool booth will surely be a hit!


The Fair Marketplace, located inside the Seven Feathers Event Center, is hosting a variety of fun activities!

  • Marketplace

    Local vendors have everything from sunglasses and handbags to homemade fudge, at the Exchange deck.

  • FREE - DIRT Park Learning Center

    An environment for teaching through recreation activities. Learn about gardening, composting, soil web building, pollinators and their environment, rainwater catchment systems, and geometry through free play.

  • FREE - Bi-Mart Toddler Zone

    Hang out in the shade and watch your toddlers have fun!

  • Rock Climbing Wall

    Scale a sheer rock wall when you buckle in and ascend the Rock Climbing Wall. Climb to the top and challenge yourselves. Sponsored by Ford.

  • Lego Competition

    See what amazing, intricate models they build! Wednesday through Saturday 6 pm – 8 pm. Saturday is Exhibition Night.

  • FREE - Great American Pig Racing brought to you by Wolf Performance

    Faster than a chicken…chubbier than a goat…round…cute…and built for speed…here come the pigs! Enjoy this exciting and educational show that includes audience participation, pig trivia, pig cheerleaders, speedway flags, and fun prizes for winning cheerleaders!

  • NEW - Jackson County Map Display

  • Giant touch screens allow fairgoers to explore our county “virtually” with just the touch of a finger. Jackson County Parks will join us with the 4-1-1 on all our county parks have to offer.

  • Annie the Clown

  • Large Interactive US ARMY Exhibit


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