Artisan Vendor Application

All products/services MUST be handmade and sold by the Artist- NO EXCEPTIONS

Artisan: a skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative, for example furniture, decorative arts, sculptures, clothing, jewelry, food items, household items and tools.
*Please note: All “Handcrafted” are strictly juried by the Event Management.
Artisan Events:
Jackson County Fair: For Traditional and Non-Traditional Crafters AS WELL AS Commercial Vendors and Independent Distributors.
Dates: July 11-15, 2018             Booth Rates: In-line 10' x 10'..........$350.00             Corner 10' x 10'...........$400.00

Southern Oregon BrewFest: For Traditional and Non-Traditional Crafters AS WELL AS Commercial Vendors and Independent Distributors. 
Dates: September 14-16, 2018 Booth Rates: In-line 10' x 10'..........$125.00             Corner 10' x 10'...........$150.00

Holiday Market 2017: *PLEASE NOTE the 2017 Holiday Market is SOLD OUT. For Traditional and Non-Traditional Crafters. *All products must be handcrafted by the Artist-Representative. 
Dates: Friday, November 9 - 10, 2018             Booth Rates: In-line 10' x 10'..........$100.00             Corner 10' x 10'...........$115.00

Christmas Showcase: For Traditional and Non-Traditional Crafters AS WELL AS Commercial Vendors and Independent Distributors.
Dates: December 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 2017       Booth Rates: In-line 10' x 10'..........$100.00             Corner 10' x 10'...........$115.00
*A Map will be sent with your contract. You will indicate your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices for placement and return the map with your contract. No booth spaces will be officially assigned until your signed contract and full payment have been received.
INDOOR BOOTHS: Artisan Rates apply to indoor spaces only. The Jackson County Expo will provide pipe & draping for indoor booths. NO CANOPY COVERS ARE ALLOWED INDOORS. Canopy frames may be used without the fabric covers. This is per the Fire Marshal rules, there will be no exceptions. No exhibit or display may be so high along the sides, front or back as to interfere with the view of adjacent exhibitors or fair patrons as they pass along the aisles.
PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Please provide a list of all products and/or services to be offered for display or sale during the fair. All products and services considered “Handmade” or “Handcrafted” are juried (assessed for quality and ‘maker’ verified). Because we receive many more applications than we can accept, and to keep the items offered of high quality – the products are juried.
Complete applications are screened and Exhibitors are chosen based on several factors: 1. How the items fit in with our vision of ‘Renegade’ crafts. 2. The overall cohesiveness and consistency. 3. The product quality, innovation and uniqueness. 4. How items are represented in your photos/website. 5. If a shared application, the cumulative quality of work. 6. Our need to diversify the crafts available at the Event.
Contracts are assigned on the basis of this information. Items not provided to the Expo via this list cannot be displayed or sold without prior written authorization from the Event Management.
Upload three images or drawings of your booth showing items you are selling. We are unable to process your application without a current photo.
(allowed file types: .doc, docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .wpd)

(allowed file types: .doc, docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .wpd)

(allowed file types: .doc, docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .wpd)

SALES/SIGNAGE: No advertising or merchandise of any type (i.e., awnings, product displays, flyers, posters, etc.) will be allowed outside of the vendors designated booth space at any time. It is the policy of the Jackson County Fairgrounds to expressly forbid the placing of any material whatsoever on vehicles parked on The Expo property. Promotional items must be approved by Expo Management prior to the show.
Only products listed on the contract and approved by Expo Management shall be allowed for display, giveaways and/or sale. In all cases, products must be clearly priced. Signs must be professionally done unless previously approved by Expo Management. The Expo Management reserves the right to approve signage or to request changes and improvements, and exhibitors must comply with these requests.
ELECTRICAL SERVICE: Each booth space will be provided with reasonable power, up to 5 Amps, included with rental rate. Outlets are limited and the Expo may not be able to provide more than 5 amps. Any special power needs will be paid in advance at electrician’s rates (such as for 3 phase). Any additional usage over 5 Amps will be charged [110V $25 p/day AND 220V $35 p/day].
Power hook-ups and connections will meet County codes and regulations. All extension cords must be protected from physical damage and be of the three-wire, grounded 14, hard usage type. Spas and pools need to provide ground fault interrupter breakers. Please note the Expo may refuse power at any time.
CAMPING: FOR CAMPING INFO PLEASE CALL JACKSON COUNTY PARKS RESERVATION & INFO DESK @ 541.774.8183 **No tent camping is allowed on the fairgrounds**
Wi-Fi: The Expo does have free Wi-Fi. However, service is not guaranteed. Please do not rely on the Expo’s free Wi-Fi for your payment option.
PARKING: Vendor Parking will be in the North Lot this year! Each vendor will be issued either one or two Vendor Parking Tags based on booth size. Vendor parking is limited, therefore no more than two Tags per vendor will be issued. All public parking is FREE.
Booths and exhibits must remain set up in full for the entire event. Teardown begins 30 minutes after the close of the event as to ensure the safety of the public attending. Artisan will have until 10:30pm to clear/clean-up their space. No Security or Event Assistant staff will be on the grounds after this time. THOSE LEAVING EARLY WILL NOT BE IN POSITION TO HAVE THEIR CONTRACT RENEWED THE FOLLOWING YEAR.
INSURANCE: The Expo requires that vendors be insured at your own expense. The Fair Board/Expo Management will not be responsible for the safety of exhibits against theft, fire, robbery, accident, or any other cause, or for any injury that may arise to the employees or public in the leased area, or to the exhibitors or their employees while on the Expo gounds.
The exhibitor further agrees to identify and save harmless the Jackson County Fair Board, Expo Management, Jackson County, Oregon, and its elected officials and employees from any loss, damage, cause of action, claims or suits for damages to the exhibitor, including but not limited to, loss of property, goods, wares, or merchandise, if such a claim is in any way caused by or connected with the exercise by the exhibitor of the privileges granted therein.
(allowed file types: .doc, docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .xls, xlsx, .txt, .wpd)

I/we, the undersigned, further understand that the Jackson County Fairgrounds/Expo, or anyone connected with the management of this event, is not responsible for any injury or loss of property through theft, fire, or any other unforeseen circumstance and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Jackson County Fairgrounds/Expo or anyone connected with the management of this event, from all claims, liabilities, cost or expense which might arise with respect to my participation at this event.  Any exhibitor desiring insurance for their exhibit must do so at their own expense.   I/we specifically waive such rights, if any, to any such claim or demand.


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