Mutton Bustin Competitor Application

In this event, a sheep is held by a handler while a child is placed on top in a riding position. Once all the participants are atop the sheep, the sheep are released and starts to to run in an attempt to get the child off. The child who can stays on the longest WINS!!
  • ​You are not signed up until your completed application is submitted.
  • Children ages 5-8 (as of 6/1/18) with a maximum weight of 65 pounds.
  • 10 contestants may compete at each performance.

Rosters will be filled as applications come in, so don’t delay!
SATURDAY JUNE 2ND is FULL No more positions are available. 

Call back confirmations will be made the evening of May 29, 2018.

Contestants must appear in Western attire: boots, long pants, long-sleeve shirt required. Chaps are optional; spurs are prohibited. Protective helmet is required and must be provided by parent.

In this mad dash Mutton Bustin’ event, contestants and parent or designated adult will be assisting in holding a sheep in the arena. All contestants will be released simultaneously. Longest ride wins, but all the contestants are winners at the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo!


By submitting this application you agree to the following Mutton Bustin Terms and Conditions.

AGREEMENT: As consideration for being allowed to participate and/or compete in the Mutton Bustin’ event at the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo, the Undersigned agrees to the following:

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RISK: The Undersigned acknowledges that rodeos are dangerous activities and that participation in a rodeo, as a contestant, an employee, or volunteer, exposes the participant to a substantial and serious risk of property damage, personal injury, or death. The Undersigned expressly acknowledges that participation in the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo will involve such a hazard.

RELEASE OF SPONSORS: The Undersigned, being fully aware that participation in the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo will expose participant to a substantial and serious risk of property damage and/or personal injury or death, hereby releases all Sponsors, Jackson County Fair Board, Jackson County, and it’s elected officials, officers, employees, directors, stock contractor, and volunteers (the “Released Parties”) from liability for any and all property damage, personal injury, or other claims arising from participation in the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo including those that are known and unknown, foreseen and unforeseen, future or contingent.

COVENANT NOT TO SUE: The Undersigned covenants that the Undersigned shall not now or at any time in the future, directly or indirectly, commence or prosecute any action, suit, or other proceeding against the Released Parties concerning, arising out of, or related to the actions, causes of action, claims and demands hereby waived, released, or discharged by the Undersigned. ASSURANCES: The Undersigned has full power, authority, capacity, and right without limitation to execute, deliver, and perform this Release.

BINDING EFFECT: The Release shall be binding upon the Undersigned and the Undersigned’s spouse, legal representatives, heirs, successors, and assigns. I, (Parent or Legal Guardian’s full name) have read the above Release in full. I fully understand its terms and conditions and I hereby voluntarily execute and deliver this contract to (child’s full name)’s participation in the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo. I further agree to be fully bound by the Release’s terms and conditions in both my individual capacity and in my capacity as parent or legal guardian for (child’s full name) and I further indemnify and agree to hold harmless the Released Parties from any claims, demands, or expenses of any nature or kind.

By Submitting this form I agree to all the above terms and conditions.

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